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Our seasoned and skilled team of doctors, pregnancy specialists, and various counselors is what it takes to make sure that your pregnancy and your physical and psychological wellbeing during the time you’re carrying are fine… Also, the fact that so far we’ve already helped thousands of women makes us sure that we’ll be able to deal with just about any issue you might have. We’re never afraid to go the extra mile for your health needs!

Dr. Rod Hojat

Dr. Rod Hojat

Dr. Rod Hojat was born in Pennsylvania and raised in the Appalachian Mountains in southeast Ohio. He is also board certified, and a fellow of the American College of OBGyn. He attended Andover, Phillips Academy in
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We know how stressful your pregnancy might be, both for you and your life partner or a spouse. By visiting your first general consultation with us you will get answers for all of your questions.