Healthy Beginnings & Pregnancy Care

Healthy Beginnings and Pregnancy Care

In the communities near our offices in Uniontown and Connellsville there sometimes are situations which require special medical attention, often as quickly as possible. Some of these situations include:

  • Those who have had pregnancy complication experiences previously
  • First-time mothers who have a family history of difficult pregnancies, or if your family pregnancy history is unknown
  • Expectant mothers who decide to participate in higher-risk physical activities such as high-exertion exercising, jobs requiring intense manual labor, etc.
  • Expectant mothers who have been using any form of narcotic drug up to (and possibly even during) the early stages of pregnancy

We are unique in being a part of the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania’s Healthy Beginnings program as we provide in both offices one-on-one instruction as well as home visiting nurse care for teaching, outreach, and preparation.  This unique program was created specifically for communities like ours and we are the only provider in the region.

Regarding the last item, this can be a difficult situation on its own let alone with a baby on the way. Nonetheless, any caring medical professional would urge an expectant mother with a narcotic drug history (prescribed or not) to seek qualified medical care as soon as possible.

Some of these drugs could include:

  • Oxycodone
  • Oxycontin
  • MS contin
  • Percocet
  • Vicodin
  • Heroin
  • Morphine
  • Codeine
  • Dilaudid
  • Duragesic (Fentanyl)

Many of the warnings which come with these drugs indicate that they should not be taken prior to or during pregnancy. Some even indicate that they should not be taken during the breastfeeding period due to high risks to the infant.Please understand that if you, or someone you know, is in any high-risk pregnancy situation that they should seek qualified medical care quickly. Often, our patients are not aware of all of the direct or indirect risks they face prior to talking with us. We understand the sensitive nature of high-risk pregnancy care, and we always aim toward providing our patients with care for both the mother and the baby.

We know how to make your pregnancy an easy stroll!

With any pregnancy having its starting point, first step is to confirm it. We test both for the pregnancy itself and also for various types of STDs. Also, we provide other diagnostic options both for mother and for the child.
Testing & UltrasoundWith so many types of testing required for you to go through before your pregnancy is over, we offer them all - starting with same-day pregnancy tests, to STDs testing to ultrasound and child's gender testing.
Health & MindHere, at our medical clinic we'll be taking good care of both your psychological and medical wellbeing, doing the well-being exams and treatments, on par with providing informative tips and classes...

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