I cannot begin to express how amazing Dr.Hojat and his staff are. This was my first pregnancy and to say the least I was very nervous. They always answered my questions and made me feel very comfortable. The office has an ultrasound technician, so you can have your ultrasound and appointment the same day (no unnecessary trips to the hospital). He also has nurse practitioners and physician assistants at the office who are very knowledgeable and efficient. I had very short wait times for my appointments, unlike most doctor offices.

It is also very nice to know the doctor you see in your office appointments is who you will also see during your delivery. There are so many practices now with multiple doctors and it is a guessing game who will walk into your labor and delivery room. Regarding labor and delivery, Dr.Hojat was there for me the entire time. This was something I was not expecting. I have previously worked with many OBGYN doctors during my education and usually you will only see the doctor once (when you are seconds away from delivery), yet this was not the case for Dr.Hojat. He took my fears and nervousness of giving birth and made it into one of the most amazing experiences I’ve ever had! When it comes to a doctor, I have never met anyone so caring and who dedicates his life to his patients. I will most definitely be returning to Dr.Hojat and would highly recommend him to anyone. – Jessica