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Most importantly for us, we pride ourselves on providing the utmost care for future mothers to-be. Our women’s health care center staff have years of experience and thousands of patients satisfied. Let us answer any questions or concerns you may have so that you can enjoy this exciting journey of a new life!

It is health that is real wealth and not pieces of gold and silver” Mahatma Gandhi

Happy Patients

What people say about us. Here are comments from individuals who have visited our locations.

Dr. Hojat and his team are amazing! From the time you walk in the door, you know that you are valued as a patient in their office. The receptionist is always friendly and helpful. During the appointment, they really take time with you and listen to what’s going on. The first time I met with Dr. Hojat, he expressed his passion for women’s healthcare and I could tell that he truly cares about his patients. I don’t feel like “just another number” in his office, but instead I have always been given individualized care. Dr. Hojat, the Nurse Practitioners, and all of the staff having amazing patient care! You won’t find a better OBGYN’s office in the Pittsburgh area! Rebecca H. amazing patient care

Dr. Hojat and his staff are absolutely wonderful! They’ve taken care of me during all of my pregnancies. The staff is very caring and friendly! Dr. Hojat who has delivered all three of my children is phenomenal he really cares about his patients. I wouldn’t want any other doctor I refer all of my family/friends to him! 

Kenna M. #1 recommended referral

Dr Hojat and his staff are the best! They are very caring and professional he did an amazing job with the delivery of our daughter and when we lost our 3rd baby a few months ago. Dr Hojat was so kind and understanding as well as his staff. They are the best and I will continue my career for the rest of my life. 

B.S. best obgyn around

What We Do

We try to minimize all the strain that you may feel while undergoing a pregnancy. Our skilled professionals will be able to perform any kind of gynecological care you may need in a safe, efficient and cost-effective manner!

Thousands of Happy Patients

During the last 10 years of our medical practice we have provided our compassionate care to thousands of patients. Starting with providing simple preventative or general care and finishing with specializing in all areas of advanced high risk pregnancies.

Our seasoned team time and again prove that the only goal in sight is to solve any pregnancy concerns efficiently and effectively.

Since the first day our pregnancy clinic was founded by Dr. Hojat, we've been expanding in order to become the biggest pregnancy care & guidance facility in the local area.


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Eat Folate-Rich Foods

Once again, what you're eating during this crucial time of your pregnancy is fantastically important. This time around, our blog entry makes sure to warn you about yet another eating planning opportunity at hand - namely, the folate-rich foods. Make no mistake, numerous specialists confirm that folic acid is crucial for the proper development of the baby's neural tube (it covers the spinal cord), and it's vital for the creation of new red blood cell. So even priorly to becoming aware of the fact that you're pregnant, it's smart to start eating plenty of folate-rich foods like fortified cereals, asparagus, lentils, wheat germ, oranges, and orange juice.

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